Join us in a little demonstration drive through Las Vegas in the all NEW LS7 V8 Porsche Boxster Conversion!Chase vehicle is a 450 RWHP 996.


LS conversion motor mount uprights. .


That car was equipped with a trans-axle just like the Porsche 928, so it is a possible swap candidate.

Oct 13, 2020 · fc-falcon">TK Autosports built this Porsche 997 called the “Green Monster” at their company in Millville, New Jersey. . .

fc-falcon">996 C4S - LS3 V8.

The hofele 957 turbo front conversion kit includes everything you need to bring your 955 Porsche Cayenne (02-07) up one generation, and add that sporty and aggressive Cayenne turbo. Thinking a 5. Swapping an LS motor into the belly of a mid-engined Boxster or Cayman is not as easy as in many front-engined cars, but it fits and can be done.

Plan on $20-25k to do it right. Newer generation single port exhaust k24 (z) engines are currently not compatible with our swap kits.



0 L LS7 V8 crate motor using a Renegade Hybrid swap kit. .

. This video will also cover the cooling.

Basic kits from 3,695.


you can install a factory 996 3.

class=" fc-falcon">Cayman LS V8 Renegade. Boxster S All Aluminum LS Series V-8 Conversion With the huge success of our later model 911 (996/997) kits, and continued engine failures in the 911s and Boxsters, Renegade now offers a GM LS series V-8 kit for the 986 Boxster S. .

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The two things that most change the car (in my opinion) are the engine sound and higher engine compartment temps.

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